Do you want to stand out from the crowd? If so, Treads Dunedin can provide the latest styles in alloys from around the world. With brands like TSW, ROH, Fuel, MAK, BGW, Cragar and Rota to name a few, we only deal with the best brands and therefore can make your vehicle become the envy of your friends.

Benefits of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels may have gotten their start in racing, but more and more people are putting them on their everyday cars. Most people purchase a set to enhance the appearance of their vehicles, but there are actually many other benefits. They weigh significantly less than their steel-plated competitors while also being incredibly durable. They increase the overall value of the car as well. Depending on the car make and model, some alloy wheels can be fitted to give the vehicle more brake clearance. Some experts claim alloys also increase gas mileage and improve handling and the overall performance of the vehicle.

Aesthetic Appeal

It is no secret that alloy wheels look significantly better than steel wheels and hubcaps. In fact, many people buy alloy wheels based on aesthetics alone. They are sold in all the standard sizes, and the selection is large and impressive. For cars with common bolt patterns, such as Hondas and Volkswagens, it is easy to find a set of alloy wheels in sizes from 13 inches all the way up to 22 inches. Moreover, they come in a variety of finishes, such as chrome, painted, and polished. Treads Dunedin even allow buyers to customise their wheels, but these deals typically come with high price tags. When choosing options, a buyer oftentimes has the option of upgrading to alloy and increasing to a larger wheel size.

Increased Vehicle Value

Fitting a car for alloy wheels is a considerable upgrade. At the very least, it makes the car easier to sell, and at best, it increases the resale value, especially if the car is already in good condition. More drivers are starting to recognise the benefits of having alloy wheels, whether it is for their looks or their performance enhancing qualities. With the addition of aftermarket options, resellers can often sell a car for a very decent profit.